A Weekend In Boracay, Philippines.

psx_20170119_195226Boracay is an island located in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines. The island and its beaches are among the most acclaimed destinations by travel professionls that should be on the bucket list of any discerning traveller. The waters that surround the island are an intersection of azure blue (in the middle) and iridescent light green (along the shore), a spectacle that evokes that sublime feeling poets talk about. You know, the kind that only nature can present. Moreover, the plush greenery that envelope the incredibly white sands that- meet the green waters at the shoreline- creates a painting-like image that nature with the utmost care put forth. Read more


24hrs In Rapallo And A Review Of Our Stay In Best Western Hotel Tiguillo 

Rapallo was not on my bucket list this year but I’m glad I went on this spontaneous trip to meet a friend I hadn’t seen for ages. To be sincere I had never heard of this port city along Italy’s Ligurian coast but I really enjoyed my 24hrs stay and wish I had stayed longer. Read more