PSX_20180409_215509This was my first time experiencing spring in full bloom and it was heart thumping seeing and getting lost in rows and rows of peach blossoms. PSX_20180409_222532PSX_20180409_222351France has some of the most beautiful countrysides. I am in love with its paysage, delightful villages and picturesque views. On this beautiful afternoon my friends and I set off for a promenade in the charming little village of Sainte Catherine a Reverie. PSX_20180409_223033PSX_20180409_223954PSX_20180409_225230PSX_20180409_223335PSX_20180409_223419PSX_20180409_223503PSX_20180409_223643PSX_20180409_223605PSX_20180409_223158PSX_20180409_223239PSX_20180409_223735PSX_20180409_223816PSX_20180409_224031PSX_20180409_224124PSX_20180409_224305PSX_20180409_224506PSX_20180409_224607PSX_20180407_085024PSX_20180409_225136

I am a city girl but I know nothing beats the peace of the countryside.

Lora by Lora. x

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